Sunday, 8 September 2013

From The Archive : Pontack Sauce.

Last weeks walk and seeing the Elderberries reminded me of this great seasonal sauce.
Place a pint of elderberries in a casserole dish and then bring a pint of claret to the boil in a sauce pan and pour over the berries.
Cover and place in an oven on the lowest possible setting overnight.
Pour off the resulting liquid into a sauce pan and add 1teaspoon of salt, a blade of mace, 40 peppercorns, 12 cloves, a finely chopped onion and 1 teaspoon of ginger. Bring to the boil and boil for ten mins.
Bottle - unsieved.
It will keep for up to a year and the flavour improves with age.
I find it goes very well with lamb and venison, if fact most red meats and game.

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