Monday, 9 December 2013

Pork Baked with Potatoes and White Wine.

I had a browse through several cook books looking for a new way to cook pork with the few other ingredients I had to hand and came across a few versions of this recipe.
The first was called Farmer Wife's Pork in a book by Jenny Baker and was very similar to this except it had sliced apples on top sprinkled with cinnamon and used cider instead of wine.
The other variations used either thyme or rosemary instead of juniper berries, but all had the same basic potato and onion layers below and above the meat and emphasized long slow cooking at a low heat.
In the end i went for a version similar to Elisabeth David's in French Provincial Cooking.

Finely slice a potato or two and cover the bottom of a lidded oven proof dish.
Add a layer of sliced onion.
Colour your pork chops / steaks in a frying pan and place on top of the onions.
Deglaze the pan with a little white wine and pour over.
Add three or four slightly crushed juniper berries a couple of bay leaves and season.
Cover the pork with another layer of onions and top this with more sliced potato.
Dot with butter and season lightly, add a little more white wine and cover.
Place in a low oven around 120 -140 degrees and cook long and slow.
Serve with a sprinkling of fresh parsley and braised celery as it contrasts well with the sweetness of the meat.