Sunday, 28 July 2013

Barbecue Spare Ribs.

A barbecue sauce is one of the easiest and most fun things you can do in the kitchen.
There are four elements to it - heat, acid, sour and sweet!
For the heat think chilli, mustard, tobassco, horseraddish etc. For the sweet think sugar, honey, mint, tomoato, basil etc. For the sour think worcester sauce, soy etc, and for the acid think citrus juice, vinegars, balsamic etc
This recipe is for pork but you can swap and change ingredients to match beef, chicken or lamb etc.

For the basis of the sauce I always use a small onion chopped, tomato puree (or fresh skinned and de-seeded) and rapeseed oil.
As for the other elements its a quick wizz around the kitchen, pantry, cupboards, fridge and garden to match the meat I am cooking and what season of the year it is.
For these pork ribs i used garlic, honey, fennel fronds, worcester sauce, chilli, thyme leaves and lemon juice. All the ingredients are wizzed together in blender til smooth and then the pork is marinaded - best over night - turning occasionally.
For spare ribs cook in oven on a low heat until the meat is very tender - 100 degrees for a few hours and then crisp up the ribs on the barbecue before serving.

 Experiment and have fun with it! you could go oriental - lime juice, soy, chilli, corriander etc. or hot - chilli, tobassco, cracked pepper etc. there are endless combinations.

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