Sunday, 8 September 2013

A short walk around Upham.

Entrance to the holloway at Street End.
This was a short walk I did the other sunday around the village of Upham in Hampshire.
I started the walk at Street End, which is no more than a farm and a few houses! There is a holloway that starts there and heads north west towards Bigpath Farm.
 Its a short lane that dips down and rises again giving wonderful views over the south downs and surrounding countryside.

Views over the downs.
You eventually emerge from the lane at Bigpath farm, and the hedge row here was full of purple elderberries and draped with Traveller's Joy (Wild Clemetis) which when it goes to seed in the autumn is called Old Man's Beard.
Traveller's Joy.


Cross the road and head along bigpath, which is a wide chalk track that brings you to Woodcote Farm.
Turn left onto the road and after a very short walk along the road to the left is Woodcote Lane.
 Lots of Speckled Wood butterflies along the first part of this lane, but they never stayed still long enough to get a photo!
This lane takes you up the side of the hill into Upham and give great views to the right over Blackdown.
Woodcote Lane.

View from Woodcote Lane over Blackdown.
Woodcote lane emerges onto the road at the top of White Hill and you turn left into Upham.
Pass through the village, which has a very good pub the Brushmakers Arms (, which can be found on Shoe Lane and serves local brews and very good food.
Turn left past the duck pond and can take the Monarchs Way back over the downs or if you prefer to walk on the road  Peak Lane, both which lead you back to Street End.

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