Sunday, 13 January 2013

Spring in January!

Cow Parsley
 Well the first signs of spring are here, yet we are still in mid-winter!!!
I have been noticing cow parsley sprouting everywhere in the last few weeks, which I supose is fairly normal now days when we have a very mild spell in dec/jan as are winter flowering primroses, but yesterday we had our first daffodill come into flower and to top that I have also seen Lords and Ladies (you may know them as Cuckoo Pint) leafs sprouting which I have never seen this early before.

Lords and Ladies

And people still deny global warming!! these kind of things were a rarity twenty or thirty years ago now they are common place almost every winter - spring flowers in january two months too soon and again no "winter" in december!
I also today noticed that the first rhubarb is beginning to sprout - a month too early too.
Daffodills 13.01.13

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