Sunday, 13 January 2013

Irish Stew.

A classic - very simple and again using a cheap cut slowly cooked with lots of veg.
First chop your lamb neck fillet into bite size pieces  - I use neck fillet as its cheap and fatty, which creates a great broth.
In a stew pot or large saucepan get some veg or lamb stock up to heat.
Brown the meat in a frying pan and add to the stock which should be on a very low heat, allow to cook for a while and remove any scum.
Add chopped carrot and potatoes and season.
I like to vary the size of the potato pieces so the larger ones cook slowly at the same time as the carrot and the smaller ones break up and thicken the stock.
Add thyme, finely chopped and a few bay leaves and slow cook (the longer and slower the better - it also improves if you leave to cool and then reheat).
Add small onions when half cooked - or chopped.
When all cooked through serve.

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