Sunday, 13 October 2013

Smoked Trout with Watercress, Beetroot and Horseradish.

The taste of Hampshire on a plate - locally grown watercress and locally smoked trout.
Both these things rely on the purity of chalk streams for their quality and clean taste, and Hampshire has them in abundance.
First top and tail your beetroots and boil, just above a simmer until cooked. this will depend on the size of the beets and can be anything from 15 to 45mins. They are ready when a knife can be pushed into them with little resistance, but be careful not to over cook you want them with a little bite.
Drain and leave to cool before peeling. The skin will come off very easily after cooking.
If you are using horseradish from a jar make up a dressing by thinning some of it with a good quality oil and some lemon juice and season.
If using fresh horseradish you just need to dress the watercress with oil and lemon juice and seasoning and grate over the horseradish at the end.
When the beet has cooled chop into wedges.
Arrange your smoked trout and beets on top of the watercress - I used cold smoked but hot smoked works just as well - dress and serve.

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