Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hensting Barn, Woodland Grove and Hare Lane.

Hensting Barn
A nice circular walk from Hensting Barn, pictured above(SO50 7HH) on Hensting Lane, taking in a couple of short, but beautiful green lanes.
To the left of the farm entrance is a style that takes you into the field besides the barn. Follow the foot path up the hill and across the following field. After climbing another style and walking through the trees you come onto a farmers track next to a field of crops. Follow this track along and just after you pass the woods to the right there is a left turn into Woodland Drove. Follow the drove down.
About half way down this drove we spotted two hares a fair way off in a field to the right of us - been a long time since I have seen a hare so to see two at once was nice.
A little further on passing through a copse was a wonderfull display of bluebells.

Continue down Woodland Drove until you come to the road at the bottom (B3354) and turn right heading towards Twyford. After about five minutes walking there is turning to the right into Hare Lane. We did see a rabbitt as soon as we enterered the lane, but no more hares! This is a small holloway that leads back up onto the downs.
Hare Lane
The lane peters out as you rise onto the down and you rejoin the original path close to Gabriels Copse. Turn right again and follow the track until you are retracing your steps back down to Hensting Barn.
The walk took just over an hour at an easy pace with the occasional stop.
Back of Hensting Barn

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