Saturday, 17 March 2012

Springing into life.

Spring is finally arriving here - so many things shooting up in the garden and greenhouse. The fennel has been growing happly outdoors for a few weeks now (I have got a piece of pork marinading in fennel leaves) and the primroses and celandine have also been in flower for a long time.
The  Snake's head fritillary blubs I planted in the autumn have started to appear outside around the apple tree, which is a relief as its the first time I have planted any. Three appeared so far so hoping the rest have survived the winter too.
In the veg garden the Gooseberry bushes have started to show leaves and the strawberries are coming into life.
Got a lot of work ahead in the next few months as I am laying new paths through the veg garden (gravel with wooden edging) to the greenhouse, and have lots of things that have over wintered in pots in the greenhouse that need planting out - Horseradish, Letuce, Spinach, Chervil, Artichokes etc.
Indoors the tomato seedlings are already a couple of inches high, though the chillies have not appeared yet, so have to create some space inside the greenhouse by the end of April for the toms and chillies.

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