Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Best Sight of Spring.

Got my first potatoes in this afternoon - a row outside and also four in large containers. I know the tradition is to plant them at easter, but easter falls at different time each year anyway! and besides the weather at present is more like early summer than spring.
My tomato seedlings were also devided into seperate pots, some being returned to the window sills and some left out in the greenhouse. I left one out overnight last night as tester to see if the nightime temperature was not to low for them and it was in perfect condition this morning, though I am still a little worried that we might still get a slight frost, so the ones on the window sills are the pick of the crop as a insurance pollicy.
This afternoon though I saw the best sight of spring - the first asparagus spear poking through the soil. A very welcome sight as this year is the first time I will be able to eat it from this new bed since moving and leaving my old asparagus plants behind - the only problem is that I am going away tomorrow for the weekend, so I think these first spears may have been picked and eaten by the time I return on monday.
No point in them being saved for my return as they are at there very best cooked imeditately after picking, and besides I hope this spear is the first of many over the next month or so.
Asparagus recipies hopefully to follow in the next month or two.

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