Sunday, 21 May 2017

Chicken Breast and Wild Garlic Veloute with Seasonal Vegatables

A very seasonal dish for the British spring - you could also serve the veloute and vegetables as a starter.
In an oven proof pan cook the chicken skin side down in butter and / or oil until it has coloured.
Put in the oven pre heated to 180 degrees.
Heat and reduce chicken stock in a saucepan to about half of it original amount - add wild garlic leaves - you need a good handful per person.
Cook for a few minutes until the leaves have wilted.
Place in a blender and blitz.
Return to the pan and add a roux (an equal amount of butter and flour mixed together).
Cook until the roux melts stirring it in and keep warm until the chicken is cooked.
Serve with steamed seasonal veg - I used asparagus, baby carrots, fennel and jersey royals rolled in butter and chopped chives.

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