Saturday, 26 July 2014

Bacon, Broad Bean and Mint Risotto.

Warm a saucepan of chicken stock on the hob.
In a large frying pan soften a chopped onion and a sliced garlic clove in olive oil.
Add a couple of rashers of chopped bacon and colour.
Add a cup full of risotto rice and stir around to coat the rice.
Add half a glass of white wine raise the heat and cook off the alcohol - season.
Adjust the heat and ladle in a small amount of the warm stock, stirring the rice to let it absorb the stock. Keep adding small amounts of stock as the rice cooks stirring regularly.
While the rice is cooking blanch a saucepan full of broad beans.
When they are cool enough to peel take off the tough outer shells.
A couple of mins before the rice is cooked add the shelled beans.
When the rice is cooked through and the last of the stock is just absorbed take off the heat and mix in the chopped mint.
Stir in grated Parmesan and allow to rest in a warm place before serving.

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