Friday, 14 March 2014

Partridge Salad with Apple, Celery and Celeriac Remoulade.

For the Remoulade peel and shred some celariac.
Core and finely slice the apple into battens then finely chop the celery and mix all of them together in a bowl.
Add good quality mayonaise, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a sqeeze of lemon juice, a grind or two of black pepper and a little salt - combine until all the mixture is coated.
This is best made fresh and served straight away.
Oil and season the partridge breasts.
Pan fry for 2 mins on each side then place in an oven at 180 degrees for 3-4 mins.
Rest under foil for 3 mins or so and then carve and place on a bed of mixed lightly dressed leaves.
Pour over any juices from the breasts and serve with the remoulade.

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