Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chilli Con Carne

I like to get several layers of heat going in a Chilli so use chilli oil, dried chilli flakes, fresh chillies, cayanne pepper and paprika.
I know all this sounds a lot but they are used in very small amounts and off set by chocolate!

I also use my own chilli powder mix ;-
In a mortar and pestle grind down
Black pepper corns
Pimento pepper corns
Chilli flakes & seeds (dried)
Tumeric (just a small amount for colouring)
Cayanne pepper
They are all dry spices so you can make a jar full to keep.

First soften an onion or two in chilli oil and then add minced beef. When the meat is coloured add a couple of tea spoons of the chilli mix and a few chopped chillis.
Add a tin or two of tomatos and a tin of kidney or mixed beans at this point also add one square of good quality, at least 80% cocoa chocolate (do NOT use milk chocolate!).
Slow cook on a low heat for twenty mins or so.
Finaly add a chopped pepper or two and chopped mushrooms.
When the mushrooms and peppers have cooked through it is ready to serve.

For a meat free version just add more peppers and beans.

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