Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mediterranean Salad

Nice easy and quick this one and can be prepared well in advance.
Slice your veg of choice I used courgettes, aubergine, red pepper, mushroom and baby artichokes.
Slice up all the veg  (except the chokes) and brush with oilve oil and season. Cook in batches on a hot griddle and leave on a plate to cool (Only the aubergines have to be cooked throughly as all the others are just as nice partialy cooked or raw).
Remove the tough outer leaves from the chokes and peel the stalks. Chop off the tough tops and place in a pan of salted water with lemon added to stop them discolouring. Bring to the boil and simmer gently until cooked. Drain and dress with a dash more lemon and oilve oil and leave to cool.
When cooled cut the chokes into halves or quarters and arrange the cooked veg on a plate with some mozzarella and parsley or basil.
Dress with the oil from the cooled chokes and maybe a bit of balsamic.
Roasted cherry tomatoes, asparagus (griddled or steamed) and fennel would also work very well.

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